Saturday, April 25, 2009

I was not to be there at all

If prior to June 2008 if anyone would have bet that I would be writing poems and that too in English he would have surely own a jackpot. I myself would not have agreed with anyone in this context. Because English is not my first language and writing poetry was no way in my agenda. Till date I don’t remember if I’ve ever written any poem in my mother tongue Bengali.
I had only the capital of having a fair command over written English little better than my colleagues. Such command till then came in use writing official letters often in helping friends replying “show causes” and of course it was useful in teaching my daughters as the home tutor.
So for writing poems I had another fight to win besides wining my stress of life due to continued illness. This may seem to you funny enough that during my stay at Kolkata I frequented book stalls for buying dictionaries and other relevant books. You may imagine the bemused face of my wife seeing me to return home after availing treatment with a lot of books.
Writing a poem in English I found was rather easy than reading and understanding poems of other poets. In my early days in I read many poets a day but did not dare to make comment on their poems due to my ill access to the language. But it was a necessity to read other if not for any other reason but to attract others to read your poems. And I know by avoiding to comment on their poems I made many senior poets get offended on me.

Poetry & treatment went together

Perhaps on 25 th of June I took my flight to Kolkata and got admitted in AMRI hospital on 26 the June’08 for receiving treatment. It required me to stay there for pretty long period for follow up treatment. Who else but my newly found passion of writing poems was with me? In my first phase of treatment I stayed there up to 11 th of July’08 and during this period I could hardly compose only one poem “Difficult to say” which was posted on 9 th July 2008.
But after returning to home I wrote 10(ten) more poems during July’08 itself. During August’08 I had to resume in my duties and I had to work hard to finish my pending works Within shortest possible time and I could hardly concentrate to compose only one poem.During September’08 I had again on my way to Kolkata for follow up treatment and during this month also I had composed only one poem. But the October 2008 was most prolific when I wrote about 13 poems. This was mostly possible due to “Durgapuja” holidays. In the month of Novenber'08 I wrote 11 poems whereas in December’08 I wrote only 1 poem. This way 48 poems were composed in 2008 as I finished living a very crucial year of my life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

the journey begun

And the journey began. Great poets Yoonoos peerbocus made the first comment on my first ever poem “ A poet’s yet to born” soon after I’d made the post. Second day on 05/06/2008 I posted another poem “ Happiness, a search within” and with great surprise I saw many veteran poets visited my page and highly appreciated those two compositions. I express my deep gratitude to them who inspired me and given me the initial boost to know myself and go forward.
Kesav Easwaran (India), Onelia Avelar (Bulgaria),
Seema Chowdhury (united states), Karen Wood (Manchester / United Kingdom),
Janri Gogeshvili (TBILISI / Georgia),
Sandra Fowler ((United States), Vidi Writes (India),
Coach Roth (Dubuque / United States) Hema Kadir (trichy / India)
Rani Turton (Ile de France / France, Metropolitan),
Mamta Agarwal (India),Lynda Robson (Wales/United kingdom),
John Tiong Chunghoo (Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia) Premji Premji (India)
C.P.Sharma (India) and Dipika P (India)
Within 09/06/2008 to 25/06/2008 I wrote several other poems like
“I can look into your heart”,
“Defeated” and Bad time’s sure to come”,
in my days of turmoil when I was being referred to Kolkata for treatment.I thought as if I must not miss the opportunity to vent out my thoughts before I lost them.Perhaps I thought I could even die. In the meanwhile the first major financial decision I took was to hurriedly pay the premium of my insurance policy, which fell due by then.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I never thought I would be writing something that could be called poetry. But it has happened that I have written many of them and who read them call me a poet. It was 31st of May 2008 and I was very busy with my schedule when I suddenly fell ill and after due investigations I came to know that I was suffering from some serious kidney complications and I was advised for undergoing treatment. Soon I had to withdraw myself from work and undergo rest.
This is rather easy to bring your body into the rest but not the mind. Mentally I was put into an unrest. In those odd days I started loosing concentration on every kind of work. I was feeling withdrawn from my responsibilities too. Even when my daughter was requesting me to help her to prepare a "Project work" on the topic "Happiness" I felt less enthusiastic and I was procrastinating. As a part of that project she had to compose a poem, which I at last searched in internet for an easy way out. While searching a suitable poem I came across the poetry web site "" which I found to be very nice place to pass time. And in those days I had only time to pass.
I read poems of a few old and a few contemporary poets there and I was inspired to write a poem. Soon I discovered a poet in me and on 4th June 2008 I had submitted my first poem
" A poet's yet to born" which I found was being highly appreciated by other poets.