Saturday, April 25, 2009

I was not to be there at all

If prior to June 2008 if anyone would have bet that I would be writing poems and that too in English he would have surely own a jackpot. I myself would not have agreed with anyone in this context. Because English is not my first language and writing poetry was no way in my agenda. Till date I don’t remember if I’ve ever written any poem in my mother tongue Bengali.
I had only the capital of having a fair command over written English little better than my colleagues. Such command till then came in use writing official letters often in helping friends replying “show causes” and of course it was useful in teaching my daughters as the home tutor.
So for writing poems I had another fight to win besides wining my stress of life due to continued illness. This may seem to you funny enough that during my stay at Kolkata I frequented book stalls for buying dictionaries and other relevant books. You may imagine the bemused face of my wife seeing me to return home after availing treatment with a lot of books.
Writing a poem in English I found was rather easy than reading and understanding poems of other poets. In my early days in I read many poets a day but did not dare to make comment on their poems due to my ill access to the language. But it was a necessity to read other if not for any other reason but to attract others to read your poems. And I know by avoiding to comment on their poems I made many senior poets get offended on me.

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  1. English is not my first language too. I learned English in school long ago (oh, so long ago ... -- some of my hair is grey now ...) -- no, it isn't true...I still learn English, I learn every day ...

    Let us learn, let us create poetry (in my case haiku, senryĆ» etc.), let us share poetry! What a joy!

    Best wishes,
    Angelika (haiku-shelf)