Thursday, April 23, 2009


I never thought I would be writing something that could be called poetry. But it has happened that I have written many of them and who read them call me a poet. It was 31st of May 2008 and I was very busy with my schedule when I suddenly fell ill and after due investigations I came to know that I was suffering from some serious kidney complications and I was advised for undergoing treatment. Soon I had to withdraw myself from work and undergo rest.
This is rather easy to bring your body into the rest but not the mind. Mentally I was put into an unrest. In those odd days I started loosing concentration on every kind of work. I was feeling withdrawn from my responsibilities too. Even when my daughter was requesting me to help her to prepare a "Project work" on the topic "Happiness" I felt less enthusiastic and I was procrastinating. As a part of that project she had to compose a poem, which I at last searched in internet for an easy way out. While searching a suitable poem I came across the poetry web site "" which I found to be very nice place to pass time. And in those days I had only time to pass.
I read poems of a few old and a few contemporary poets there and I was inspired to write a poem. Soon I discovered a poet in me and on 4th June 2008 I had submitted my first poem
" A poet's yet to born" which I found was being highly appreciated by other poets.

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