Friday, April 24, 2009

the journey begun

And the journey began. Great poets Yoonoos peerbocus made the first comment on my first ever poem “ A poet’s yet to born” soon after I’d made the post. Second day on 05/06/2008 I posted another poem “ Happiness, a search within” and with great surprise I saw many veteran poets visited my page and highly appreciated those two compositions. I express my deep gratitude to them who inspired me and given me the initial boost to know myself and go forward.
Kesav Easwaran (India), Onelia Avelar (Bulgaria),
Seema Chowdhury (united states), Karen Wood (Manchester / United Kingdom),
Janri Gogeshvili (TBILISI / Georgia),
Sandra Fowler ((United States), Vidi Writes (India),
Coach Roth (Dubuque / United States) Hema Kadir (trichy / India)
Rani Turton (Ile de France / France, Metropolitan),
Mamta Agarwal (India),Lynda Robson (Wales/United kingdom),
John Tiong Chunghoo (Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia) Premji Premji (India)
C.P.Sharma (India) and Dipika P (India)
Within 09/06/2008 to 25/06/2008 I wrote several other poems like
“I can look into your heart”,
“Defeated” and Bad time’s sure to come”,
in my days of turmoil when I was being referred to Kolkata for treatment.I thought as if I must not miss the opportunity to vent out my thoughts before I lost them.Perhaps I thought I could even die. In the meanwhile the first major financial decision I took was to hurriedly pay the premium of my insurance policy, which fell due by then.

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